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Blown Away By OUTSTANDING Customer Service

I HIGHLY recommend Overhead Door to ANYONE looking for a Garage door company. When they came to do a repair on my door, I was blown away by their OUTSTANDING customer service. Each person I worked with, was better than the one before. All of the repair personal were warm, friendly, knowledgeable respectful and not out to make a buck, but rather to help me, the homeowner, get my garage door back up and working. They made suggestions on getting the repair working that honestly they didn’t have to, but that shows the type of character of the employees. This is just how the company works. Their prices are industry standard fair and the service was quick. I had my door back up and working no time. I couldn’t be happier that I made the call to Overhead Door!
Just as a side note- I work in Customer Service for major company- so I know good service when I see it and this company produces great employees and delivers incredible customer services. People are the first to complain in life and rarely compliment. I wanted to make sure that I compliment them because their customer service really did impress me alot!!

– Lori

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