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Add a Garage Door Screen to Expand Your Home’s Livable Space

Expand your livable space with a garage door screen to make the area more comfortable. You can use the space for anything: work space, craft room, pet area and more! Not sure if it’s for you? See how garage door screens work. They are easily installed on a maintenance-free track similar to your primary garage door track.

Garage Door Screens

How Garage Door Screens Work

  1. Open your garage door as you normally would.
  2. Firmly grab the garage door screen straps and begin walking forward.
  3. The bottom of the roller will enter the vertical track. Continue walking forward.
  4. Continue moving forward with your hands firmly on the straps.
  5. As the garage door screen frame touches the floor, move your hands from the straps and onto the two center vertical supports.
  6. Push the top of the garage door screen frame toward the opening until the magnetic catches engage.
  7. Close the retractable passage door by guiding the handle to the opposite side of the opening.
  8. Continue to guide the handle until the magnetic strips on the screen door and the jamb make contact with each other.

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